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The international school under the "dome"



    At the begaining of March,schools across the country has started.As the hot broardcasting about the documentary of Chaijing "Under the dome",some problems have emerged.The children--how to breath freely at school.Few international school of Beijing has a solution:in order to prevent the children from the fog ,school has changed the outdoor stadium into indoor stadium.

    In response to the serious fog weather ,the international school of Shunyi in Beijing has cost $5 million to build 2 indoor sports hall.The two statium which covers an area of more than 8000 square meters look like a huge dome tent equipped with independant air filtration system can ensure the students not affected by the fog.The dome tent need continuous gas supply,it will be dry if stop supplying gas more than 4 hours,so the statium also equipped with generator.In fog weather ,the school will cancle the outdoor sports and play sports indoors.In the statium ,fresh air completely from the fog pollution. 



    In the fog weather,students in the international school of Beijing will have activities under the dome of air filtration system.

    Across the international school is another British international school .Which is the earlist one to instalate the dome statium,but it haven't equipped with the filtration system.In order to obtain compatitive advantages ,the school also installed the purification system soon after.The school is also only accept foreign students.

    The dome tent stadium of the British school.


    The picture below are the students in the British school playing football on March 2.Behind the playground is the stadium which has equipped the filtration system.